There are 34 species of birds considered in peril by WDFW.

SEVEN bird species are considered Endangered the highest level of threat.

  • Northern Spotted Owl

  • Marbled Murrelet

  • Upland Sandpiper

  • Streaked Horned Lark

  • Snowy Plover

  • Tufted Puffin

  • Sand Hill Crane

FOUR species are considered Threatened the second highest level of threat.

  • Ferruginous Hawk

  • Greater Sage Grouse

  • American White Pelican

  • Columbia Sharp-tailed Grouse

ONE species is considered Sensitive

  • Common Loon

and TWENTY-TWO species are listed as Candidate species, indicating that their populations need to be closely monitored and there is a high potential for them to be listed in the near future.

  • Northern Goshawk

  • Clark’s Grebe

  • Western Grebe

  • Golden Eagle

  • Sagebrush Sparrow

  • Burrowing Owl

  • Vaux’s Swift

  • Yellow-billed Cuckoo

  • Pileated Woodpecker

  • Loggerhead Shrike

  • Lewis’ Woodpecker

  • Sage Thrasher

  • Flammulated Owl

  • Short-tailed Albatross

  • Brandt’s Cormorant

  • White-headed Woodpecker

  • Black-backed Woodpecker

  • Oregon Vesper Sparrow

  • Purple Martin

  • Cassin’s Auklet

  • Slender-billed White-breasted Nuthatch

  • Common Murre

Check back often as we will frequenetly update this page and let you knwo how you can get involved protecting keystone species in WA State. For more information now visit WDFW’s web page