Audubon's Birds and Climate Change Report

Fact: Climate Change is the #1 threat to birds in North America.

Photography by Adam Lynn.

Photography by Adam Lynn.

Global Warming and Climate Change

National Audubon launched a new Climate Initiative in September of 2014. We invite you to become part of it. Together, we can make a difference.

Locally, we worked with the City of Tacoma to develop strategies and recommendations for the city to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our participation in the Green Ribbon Climate Action Task Force.  The goals and strategies were adopted by the city council, resulting in the creation of a new Office of Sustainability in 2008.



Science & Education Resources



Make A Change: from Personal to Political

  • National Audubon Society Take Action! Join the national campaign on global warming: get information on proposed federal legislation, state legislation, and tools to reduce the impacts of human-induced climate change. 

  • What's my impact? Small changes add up. Calculate your Carbon Footprint at The Nature Conservancy.

  • Audubon Washington Link to conservation policy on global warming, tip sheets for simple steps you can take to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and legislative priorities for Washington State.