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Christmas Bird Count: Saturday, December 16, 2023


The first Christmas Bird Count was held on Christmas Day in 1900, with 27 participants in 25 locations, as an alternative to the Side Hunt that was traditional at that time. This new idea was to count, rather than shoot, the birds seen. It has truly caught on, and expanded a bit, as recent year’s CBC included over 50,000 participants in almost 2,000 locations! 


This is the longest ongoing community science project in the world — as we count every bird heard or seen in our count circle. It's a fine tradition that is enjoyable as well as useful by providing data for various scientific projects and studies. Learn more!


After a day in the field, we meet indoors to share dinner, stories of the day, and to total up the species at our Tally Dinner at Tacoma Nature Center (Snake Lake), starting at 4:30 pm. The meal is provided for a donation of $5.00 per person. 

You can sign up directly with one of our 8 area coordinators or if you are unsure of where you want to count, contact the CBC Coordinator, Faye McAdams Hands via email at or call her at 253-278-3712.

Once in contact with your area coordinator, they will let you know where and what time to meet on Saturday, December 16, for your particular assignment.


Area Leaders for 2023 CBC  

Area 1:  Art Wang

Area 2:  Faye Hands

Area 3:  Diane Yorgason-Quinn

Area 4:  Donna LaCasse

Area 5:  Faye Hands

Area 6:  Wayne Sladek

Area 7:  Ryan Wiese & Bryan Hanson

Area 8:  Rosanne Becker & Jody Hess

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