Tahoma Audubon’s Big Year Progress 2019

This page shows our progress by highlighting milestone species and providing our growing checklist. Updates can be expected about weekly. To learn how to participate click here

Currently, we are at 88 species as of 2/7/2019!


First bird seen: spotted Towhee

Not only is the Spotted Towhee Tahoma Audubon’s signature bird, they are frequent visits to the Adrianna Hess Nature Center. These birds are about American Robin size. Towhees prefer shrub or small tree habitats and are ground nesters and ground foragers. Towhee’s have some cool habits like the ‘double backyard scratch’ and have striking color patterns.


The 50th Bird Seen: Marsh Wren

Our 50th bird seen was the Marsh Wren. Like most wrens they are usually heard before seen. A Marsh Wren has a machine gun like call and if you are lucky he will come out to visit by clinging to sedges or cattails


the 150th Bird seen: ??????