Tahoma Audubon’s Big Year 2019

download our wa checklist here

If you want to track Big Year Progress Click here


  • To help people connect to the incredible world of birds

  • To help TAS members and potential members engage with our organization

  • To have fun and promote citizen science


  • A world Big Year for TAS members

  • Track and report all bird checklist via our website, using eBird

  • We will track all checklist and update results weekly

  • We will highlight milestone species (50, 150, 250, 350, ect)


Basically you will share all of your eBird lists with Tahoma Audubon for 2019

  1. If you don’t have an eBird account sign up here

  2. Record your personal checklist using your eBird account

  3. Share your checklist with Tahoma Audubon

    STEP 1 Log in to your eBird account and click completed checklists


STEP 2 Click share on the checklist you want to share


STEP 3 Type in “TAS: 50 Anniversary Big Year” Then Click the “Share” box
Later you can just click on Tahoma Audubon in your contact box