Help Us Continue to connect people to birds and nature

You're invited to participate in Tahoma Audubon’s most important fund raising event of the year, our annual Fall Appeal. Since beginning as the new executive director for Tahoma Audubon I've been more than impressed by the work of our volunteers who provide so many field trips, events, and classes that help all of us connect to nature.

 Your generosity helps us expand our programs beyond what we can afford with grants and corporate sponsorships.  Your gift is essential for us to continue conservation and education programs .

Before starting this position, at TAS I traveled through the California Redwoods. This trip was truly life changing. I also thought about these 400 plus year old trees, some greater than 50 feet in circumference growing side by side with one another. Where were their root systems, how did they ever manage to survive storms and fires? 

 I discovered that Redwoods actually do not have that extensive of a root system but instead rely on their neighbors and the interconnected web of roots to hold one another up. I felt a special connection to these giant trees as a great metaphor for our organization and the need for us to be interconnected and working as one.  I am passionate about Tahoma Audubon and the opportunity to work with birds, and to connect with nature, but most of all to connect with all of you.  

Thank you for your support