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Important Bird Areas (IBA)

 Vaux's swift entering unused chimney on JBLM at dusk. (photo courtesy of Diane Yorgason-Quinn)

IBA's - What are they?

The fragmentation and loss of habitat, along with global warming, are the biggest threats to birds worldwide. The Important Bird Areas program is "designed to identify a network of sites that provide critical breeding, wintering, or migration stopover habitat for birdlife..." 

National Audubon Society has partnered with BirdLife International to administer the program in the United States. Sites meeting IBA qualifications must meet at least one of the following criteria - it must support:

1) endangered or threatened species;

2) species not widely distributed;

3) species restricted to a single extensive habitat or biome; or

4) high densities of congregating species, such as waterfowl or shorebirds.

IBA's - Where are they?

IBA's can be found across the state of WA, North America and around the world!

In Pierce County, we currently have three designated IBAs:

Fort Lewis IBA

Nisqually Reach IBA

Vaux's Swift Chimney IBA (new in 2013)






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